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The Herrgottschnitzerhaus

Its history and more

Our alpine hut is over 100 years old and "Thank God" has hardly changed except for a few extentions. The Herrgottschnitzerhaus is an old, snug country cottage with a wonderful lookout over the Lake Fertő. We have three separate guest rooms (one of them with TV) and a terrace. The hut offers 80 seats, the terrace does about 70. In the dormitory, we have about 45 beds, divided into four rooms.


Exhibitions and openings

We provide our guest rooms as a gallery for artists where they could show their works. The exhibitions with or without opening take 4-6 weeks. Get more information about our service and free dates.


Request by email or phone:

+43 (0)680 2122 968, +43 (0)2638 88360



Food and drink with panorama – ‘culinary’ heaven!


Enjoy the taste of Austrian / Hungarian home cooking


Our menu includes fresh home prepared meal from Austria and Hungary at friendly prices. If you are planning a celebration and looking for a place, we also offer extra services to meet your special requests.


We are sure that our menu will meet your taste!


Arrival and location

By car, motorcycle, hiking or walking - you can get to Herrgottschnitzerhaus so easily...





By car or motorbike

Leaving the paying station (Maut), go up the road Hohe Wand and from the first cross always keep to the right. Over 'Kohlröserlhaus' follow the road to the end.

(travel time from paying station: about 15 min)


By bicycle...

…you can also reach us on the Mautstrasse.

(travel time from the paying station: depends on your condition)


On foot

The Herrgottschnitzerhaus can be reached on foot by pleasant walkways, hiking paths or climbing steeps (from Dreistetten).

(walking time: about 60 min depending on the chosen route)


Steeps and paths

Hiking, climbing and other free-time activities in the region... many roads lead to Herrgottschnitzerhaus


Here you will find 6 ways of getting from Dreistetten to Herrgottschnitzerhaus. Depending on your condition, the trips can be taken in 30-60 minutes. The Cave Unicorn (Einhornhöle) is well worth a visit on the way. You can get information about the opening times in the Inn Langer (Zitherwirt).


Zischka-Steig (Steep Zischka)

(difficulty: 1, safety equipment required)

The entrance is located on the cross-road between the car park of Dreistetten and Stollhof. Follow the pink signs upwards to a clearing and the rocks below the Herrgottschnitzerhaus. From here a designated steep on the right leads to us.


Ganghofer-Steig (Steep Ganghofer)

(difficulty: B-C, not for beginners, only a few holds help to climb the lower part of this route)

From halfway, left to the Zischka-Steig, follow the red sign up this route. The secure way (starting at the base of the wall, below the cross) leads through the wall to the top.


Drobil-Steig (Steep Drobil)

(difficulty: A)

This is the most beautiful and shortest way from Dreistetten, starting next to the parking area and the Cave Unicorn (Einhornhöle). To reach the Herrgottschnitzerhaus, follow the blue signs along this easy-to-climb and secure steep.



(moderately steep)

Follow the red signs right of the Drobil-Steig. The Path Herrgottschnitzer passes by the Drobil-Steig in a left curve.


Eselweg(Path Mule)

(longer but flatter path)

Follow the green signs. This path runs slightly to the right and parallel to the Hergottschnitzerweg.


Forststrasse (flat)

The forest road keeping to the left in a large curve leads to Herrgottschnitzerhaus. Unfortunately bikers are not welcome here.


Photo gallery

Pictures say more than 100 words…


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Contact und Reservation



Call us or send a message!

Phone: +43 (0)680 2122 968, +43 (0)2638 88360




Not only the delicious food and drink but also the amazing panorama over the Lake Fertő is a good reason to visit the Herrgottschnitzerhaus.


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our alpine hut!

Michael Gerszi

Herrgottschnitzerhaus - Michael Gerszi ist ein geprüftes Tourismusziel auf Niederösterreicher Guide 3D und Panorama Tourismus Österreich

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